5 Video Editing Post-Production Efficiency Hacks

Updated Mar. 29, 2024 Published Feb. 28, 2024 5 Min. Read

Efficiency is crucial to video marketing teams, as significant resources are poured into creating video content that delivers a high return on investment. (No pressure, right?) From the studio to the cameras to the lights and the sets, to the production creatives and operators and on-set talent, even a small team is a big dill and a big production (pun intended).

According to NogenTech, 91% of marketers used video in 2023. Wyzol’s recent survey states one of the top reasons marketing teams say they’ve been unable to grow their video marketing to a larger scope is due to its speed/efficiency.

Would you use video marketing more if you didn’t have the obstacle of slow, clunky processes? Bridging the gap between on-set and off-set creatives has been one of the biggest challenges as marketing teams evolve; so how can we further increase post-production efficiencies for video teams? How can we leverage technology and humans to the best of both worlds? Ensuring high ROI is imperative for the success of these big-bet video marketing campaigns. We’re here to share what we’ve uncovered and what we’re pioneering to help teams deliver and scale.

Once you’ve invested the resources in video marketing โ€“ let’s take it up a notch with 5 tips you can start using today to improve your entire team’s efficiency and scale your video output.

  1. Maintain a set of branded video templates
    Whether your brand usually creates testimonial videos, cooking videos, UIUX explainers, drone time lapses or something altogether different, having a go-to formula for success will help you scale.While not all of your videos will fit your recipe, those that do fit will enjoy the benefit of consistency, additional brand recognition and recall for viewers, and the ability to foster trust by creating familiarity. This also increases your speed to transition (pun intended) from set to final published asset.
  2. Maintain a go-to set of branded video assets in your asset library
    We call it a branimation library for motion graphics, but it applies for video editing services, too! It should include many branded, foundational assets that can be modularly added to new assets in new branded campaigns.The more you leverage these components, the bigger their return. Create scalable cohesion starting with key components in your branimation library, and add to your repertoire over time.This branimation library should include key components like:

    • An animated logo
    • Logo bumpers
    • Animated titling or lower thirds
    • Animated icons
    • Screen or Frame Transitions
    • Typography (both moving type animation and static type faces)

    For a deep-dive on the 6 Must-Have Assets Every Brand Should Animate (and how to get started), check out this free resource.

  3. Leverage AI when/where it makes sense
    You can use AI in a lot of places inside (and outside) your creative workflows these days; so choose wisely. Not all of them will help you be more effective, efficient, or even more creative (they can be downright unhelpful, in fact).Some AI can be a helpful post-production tool, like AI that creates closed captions with branded typography, or AI that removes filler words (um, like, uhh, and other nuances) that are usually tedious edits for human editors. There are plenty of resources on those kinds of tools, and they’re a dime-a-dozen right now. When you’re shopping around, make sure to list your must- and nice-to-haves so you can quickly compare solutions based on where your workflow inefficiencies are.There are other ways AI can help you improve your workflow, like with Design Pickle’s built-in generative AI tools for creative brief writing and for revision feedback. Use text to text, text to image, or image to image prompts to more effectively illustrate your vision to your design team and video editors. When AI can help expedite the outcome and reduce time to V-final, we call that a win.
  4. Find a post-production partner that multiplies your editing power
    Rather than get the post-production blues, the real modern efficiency hack that actually works is when you can hand off your footage to a partner to edit so you can keep the rest of the project moving.For a flat rate, a dedicated team of Design Pickle video editors will rock through editing your footage and help you scale your video output. Professional tier, quality editors are pre-vetted and ready to tackle your queue of projects so you can have production peace of mind (and finally hit all the deadlines)!
  5. Clean up your collaboration and review processes
    Sometimes feedback is a dirty word to creatives; but it doesn’t have to be! When it comes to reviewing and revising, editing shouldn’t be an endless loop of round after round. The goal is to create a process that involves stakeholders at the points that are most effective, creating the best final asset possible.For example, using a tool that enables you to collect various team feedback and synthesizing it between revision rounds for your post-production video editor is important for cohesive, efficient editing. You can do this with a tool like Frame.io or when you have an in-house production team, or use a partner like Design Pickle, with a built-in video editing annotation tool that streamlines your feedback process.Best case scenario you can take your collaboration a step further with review sharing links, enabling you to collect feedback outside the Design Pickle platform for your whole team to review before circling back to your video editor(s) with revision directions each round. Cleaning up your review process with better tools, roles, timelines and accountability is key to making sure you escape the feedback loop nightmares.When you have the right video editing services partner for your brand, you’ll unlock the ability to create video output that actually keeps up with your most imaginative team member’s idea list. That parking lot of ideas they have? Start filming; your new post-production partner is ready and waiting!

Don’t stay stuck in the bottleneck of video editing and the production cycle madness. Keep your video machine moving smoothly so you can keep rolling in the ROI, now with 5 new ways to expedite your creative delivery, but also eliminate much of the friction and pain along the way!

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