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One of the biggest requests we have from DP clients is help knowing what to create. With this, we will launch the Design Pickle Partner Program in Q1-2019 – a network of Certified Design Pickle Partners, where we can refer and promote consultants, agencies, and other brands who become certified on how to use our service and can offer additional services on top of our core experience.

Certified partners must be clients with a minimum of one (1) active Design Pickle DPU and two (2) months experience using the Graphic Design Cloud.

Partners will be highly sought after at events and with our current affiliate and client database. Certified Partners will be tiered and feature a host of benefits and promotions:

The Application Process

There are limited spaces to become a Design Pickle Certified Partner. In order to facilitate a process and ensure we have business partners who are aligned with our mission, we will be accepting applications for the Partner Program.

Each Partner application is reviewed to ensure compliance with Design Pickle’s affiliate acceptance criteria listed below. We screen Affiliates thoroughly so please be patient with our application process.


Who We’re Looking For:

Some of the qualities we look for in new affiliate applications include:

• Affiliates that align with our core company values
• Affiliate marketers that maintain the integrity of performance marketing
• Reputable marketing specialists, copywriters & content production teams
• Publishers who have established websites, and understand community/traffic first, then site monetization
• Website owners who manage social media networks or other online communities
• Consumer information websites, portals or directories useful to online shoppers

Who We’re Not Looking For:

We reserve the right to deny any Affiliate application. Red flags include:

• Sites using applications or adware known to overwrite cookies
• Excessive use of banners with no supporting content
• Flash or graphics-only websites
• Sites made up of duplicate content only
• Sites that have no value-add content
• Any use of black-hat SEO tactics
• Affiliates that participate in blog or comment spam.


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