Canva file delivery is here!

Make small edits on your own, collaborate with your team, and keep your creative deliverables coming with Canva file delivery from Design Pickle.


"Thank you for the excellent support, as always. The new addition of Canva Designs is AWESOME!!!"

Get your creative to market even faster.

Get editable templates

Leverage Design Pickle to create Canva ready designs for any platform, and any need.

Unlock Canva-ready stickers and textures

Request custom branded elements like stickers and textures from your Design Pickle designer, and use the custom elements on any Canva project across teams!

Reduce revision rounds

Make small tweaks to your design without relying on anyone else. Now you can edit text, colors, and evergreen designs right inside your Canva account.

Design Pickle + Canva file delivery

Custom graphic design has never been faster or easier! Open your Canva-ready link from your designer and enjoy the seamless workflow efficiency of Canva file delivery.

Design Pickle FAQS

Any type of Canva account including the free version will allow team collaboration, editing designs you have requested from us and sharing them directly to your social media channels or publishing partners.

No, our Designers will be equipped with their own Canva accounts and will send you a Canva share link which you will need to click on to accept/save the editable Canva file into your account.

You will be provided a Canva share link in the Design Pickle Platform & Slack. Using this link, you can save the design to your Canva account which you can then make revisions to.

If you need additional revisions outside what you have already completed using your Canva account, send those using the Design Pickle Platform per the usual process and include the revised Canva link. Our creatives can’t monitor comments in your Canva account and won’t have access to the design in Canva once it has been sent to you.

Depending on the complexity of the request, the Designer will make a determination as to which platform is best suited.