7 Graphic Design Ideas for Churches

7 Graphic Design Ideas for Churches

There’s so much to do in your ministry. From organizing small groups and writing sermons to setting up charity events and putting on the annual Christmas play — you’ve got a lot on your plate.

With all of the work that you do, you want people to turn out to your church’s events and services. But how can you catch their attention when everyone seems to be in a rush?

One way is through eye-catching graphic design. Sharing visual content is a great way to inform an audience about news, events, and your church in general — and good design can really drive a message and make it clear.

Not sure what to get designed? Need some inspiration for your next graphic design task?

Here are 7 graphic design ideas you can use for your church ministry

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1. Retreat flyer

Have an upcoming retreat? Design a flyer or a poster that outlines all the need-to-know details for your members. You can distribute printed copies before and after services, or hang them around church grounds to encourage registration.


church graphic design ideas #1 - men's retreat flyer



2. Instagram Quote Posts

You’re a modern church, so you probably have an Instagram account. Connect people to your mission and the word of God with some relevant Bible quotes. Customize this layout with your favorite verses. Simple and striking, this design can be further customized with other beautiful stock images or fonts that will make it look right at home in your feed.


church graphic design ideas #2 - instagram bible quote



3. Liturgical Calendar Infographic

For newer members or those coming back after a long absence, infographics are a great way to introduce new topics and share easy-to-digest information. An infographic can teach your congregation about different parts of the liturgical year. You could also use these to outline guidelines for upcoming events or even provide gentle reminders for everyday living.


church graphic design ideas #3 - infographic about lent



4. Charity Promotions

As a church, you do a lot of good for the greater community. You also rely on your members to make each charity event a success. Make sure you’re promoting each of your initiatives with unique graphics that will help bring awareness to your cause.


church graphic design ideas #4 - a Christmas food drive flyer



5. Recreation T-Shirts

Get unique and modern t-shirt designs for your youth or adult sports leagues that will help your teams look uniform and professional on the court. Have a dedicated designer create an awesome t-shirt for your team like the ones below.


church graphic design ideas #5 - t-shirt for church rec league



6. Sermon Series Graphics

You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into writing a great sermon series for Sunday Worship. All that work should have some beautiful graphics to complement it. Your designer can create unique graphics to bring your sermon series to the next level. A beautiful themed sermon series can elevate your congregation’s worship experience.


church graphic design ideas #6 - sermon series graphic ideas



7. Small Group Guides

Small groups are so valuable to all those who participate. To help bring even more value and learning to small groups, short guidebooks provide a way to encourage and shape the conversation. Have you thought about creating your own guide for your small groups yet?


church graphic design ideas #7 - small group guides



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