5 Holiday Graphics Every Business Needs (+ 8 Designs You Can Steal)

5 Holiday Graphics Every Business Needs (+ 8 Designs You Can Steal)

Ah, the stress of the holidays.

‘Tis the season for year-end sales, customer issues, parties to plan, gift baskets to order, and cards to send. All of that takes work, and some of that work includes graphic design.


gif of a toddler stressing out for the holidays


Let Design Pickle help take some of the pressure off before the Q4 rush starts. This season, we’ve created a list of design projects you may want to consider for the upcoming holiday months. We even checked it twice.

Here are the items you may want to get into your designer’s queue:


Holiday design checklist infographic


Already feeling stressed about starting each of these projects?

Never fear, our non-denominational-multicultural holiday elves have whipped up some ideas for you!

We’ve taken a few items from the list and created graphics your designer can create or customize. See something you like? Simply click on “design this” and you’ll be taken to your Jar account to customize the details of your request, and then send it over to us! It’s as easy as a couple of clicks. How magical.

Steal These Designs


Shopping Bags


blue holiday shopping bag design

white and red holiday shopping bag design


Holiday Cards


Christmas card muave


holiday card santa


Party Invitations

Holiday Party invitation light


Holiday Party invitation blue


Sale Graphics


Black Friday sale box



Black Friday sale bow




Don’t already use Design Pickle for your requests? That’s OK. You can still have any of the above graphics customized for you for $75 each, or you can check out our unlimited design subscription for just $370/month.