The Five Love Languages of A Graphic Designer

Written by Russ Perry • June 2, 2017


Anyone who has worked with a graphic designer knows sometimes (or a lot of times) your request isn’t interpreted the way you expected. It’s almost as if they are speaking another language.

I have experienced life through many lenses of a graphic designer:

  •  I studied design at Arizona State University
  •  I was employed as an in-house graphic designer
  •  I’ve sold millions of dollars of graphic design services
  •  I founded two creative agencies
  •  I have hired (and fired) graphic designers for over a decade

I know a thing (or twenty) about working with a graphic designer, and my entire approach is focused on one simple concept: communication.

Time and time again, communication has been the constant in ensuring a successful relationship between a client and their graphic designer. I believe in communication so much, I wrote an e-book, The Five Love Languages of a Graphic Designer.

What are the five love languages?

  1. Quality Vision
  2. Acts of Examples
  3. The Gift of Feedback
  4. Words of Copy
  5. Trust the Process

This guide has one simple goal: Teach you the communication skills I’ve developed over the years and improve any professional design relationship you’re working with. Enjoy!

Improve your designs. Learn their love language.

Download the Love Languages ebook now!