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Design Pickle’s Top of the Lists Year-End Compilation Post

Design Pickle’s Top of the Lists Year-End Compilation Post


You are in for a treat today as your favorite Pickles have compiled a list of their “Top’s” for your 2016-concluding enjoyment.

Yes, we know it’s a list of lists, and I know what you may be thinking – “C’mon guys, this is so overplayed, come up with a fresh idea. Thanks.”

Well, we are as burnt out as all of the other list-makers out there. In our defense, though, this compilation is nothing if not original, as each list reflects the individuality of its Pickle creator.

So without further adieu, we start with Michelle…


Majorette Michelle’s Top Five Tips for Baton-Twirling Excellence

You betchya! It’s no fun to go blank when you hit the competition floor or march down main street for the annual Christmas parade.You’ll never count to 8 so many times the rest of your life…And 5-6-7-8!

Seriously. Smile. No matter what. You just nailed the trick you’ve been practicing for months? Smile! Dropped your baton? Smile. It rolls into the crowd at the parade? They think you meant to do that because you’re smiling so big!

Majorette Michelle smiling before the Christmas parade; Design Pickle Graphic Design

It’s Majorette Michelle! And just look at that smile!

Don’t Be a Hero
Sometimes a move goes south. You may be mid-routine, amped up on adrenaline, but you’d better be ready to recognize when that aggressively-spinning, weighted, blunt object is uncatchable…and let it go. Your limbs, phalanges, and sometimes facial features shouldn’t be sacrificed for a few extra points from a judge, or claps from a stranger. Don’t be a hero.

Always Share
There are always (ALWAYS) those bystanders who want to be armchair majorettes. They ask “can I try?” because how hard can tossing a long piece of aluminum be? Go ahead and hand your $40 baton to the guy whose sister got a glitter-filled plastic stick in her stocking that one year…You might gain a little respect from him, and you’ll definitely get a hearty laugh. Win-win.

Rock the Rhinestones
That’s right, appreciate how perfectly placed rhinestones or sequins can change the outlook on a day. Up before the sun? The perfectly-perked bun on the top of your head too tight? That’s ok, because you’re wearing the equivalent of sunshine & rainbows. All is right.

Rhinestone Baton Twirler; Design Pickle Graphic Design

How about a rhinestone insignia of a baton-twirling figure? That’s a win-win-win.


Jim’s Top Gadgets to Survive Five Days in the Wilderness

An axe or knife should work. This way you can hunt or try to avoid successfully being hunted.

Bear, Zombie, Rope, Deer; Design Pickle Graphic Design

Whether you’re the hunter, the hunted, or just need to cut stuff on a family camping trip, a blade will always come in handy.

A magnesium stick is a good way to light fires in dry or moist conditions. Just practice first. If you need a fire quick you don’t want to spend 30 minutes blistering your hand learning to make sparks.

Macgyver with a lit match; Design Pickle Graphic Design

Make Macgyver proud with your magnesium stick fire-starting expertise.

Water and a Filter
You can survive days without food but humans are mostly water so you’ll die quickly without a good way to collect and clean it.

Filtering Water Bottle; Design Pickle Graphic Design

One of these will do the trick. Just don’t confuse it with your fruit-infusing water bottle. That won’t save your life.

Edible Vegetation Identification Guide
Maybe you’ll see an animal and maybe you’ll be swift enough to catch it but the chance you’ll find edible plants is typically better. Plus, you want to keep that digestive system strong so eat some damn greens.

Poison ivy, Blueberries, Raspberries, Maple leaves; Design Pickle Graphic Design

You’ll definitely want to know the difference between these before ingesting that wilderness salad.

Your cell phone!
Cell towers are practically everywhere so why not give it a try?

Woman trying to get cell phone signal; Design Pickle Graphic Design

Hi, can I get a cab pickup in…The wilderness?


Alex’s Five Cool Things People Don’t Know About the Philippines

The Flag
The Flag of the Philippines is flipped during war time: During times of peace, the blue side is on top. During times of war, the flag is flipped so the red side is on top. Facebook once mistakenly declared the Philippines were at war by posting an image of the upside down flag to celebrate their independence day. 

Lots of Little Islands
The Philippines is an Archipelago. It is made up of over 7,600 islands. You wouldn’t necessarily know this by looking at a map.

Filipino cuisine is extremely diverse, owing to its Austronesian roots, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and American influences. Where else can you get spaghetti that is slightly sweet, served with hot dogs?

Filipino Spaghetti with hot dogs; Design Pickle Graphic Design


The modern yo-yo was invented by a Filipino immigrant named Pedro Flores.  His design allowed the user to make the yo-yo “sleep”. I also used to sleep through history class until my teacher told me hunters used stone yo-yo’s to kill animals back in ancient Filipino times.

Nation’s Pastime
Basketball is THE MOST POPULAR sport in the Philippines. It was brought over by the YMCA during the late 1800’s. You’ll see people playing EVERYWHERE. In the US, you can find Filipino/Filipino-American basketball leagues in almost any city with Filipinos.

Filipino basketball team; Design Pickle Graphic Design

Redefining small-ball.

3 of the 10 largest malls in the world are in the Philippines.

Mall in the Philippines; Design Pickle Graphic Design

Shop til you drop.

Text Me!
The Philippines is considered the “texting capital of the world.” Every day, 35 million Filipinos send about 350 text messages.

Filipinos on the phone; Design Pickle Graphic Design

That’s a text every 4 minutes for 24 hours per person. Geez, hope you guys have the unlimited plan.

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie
Apparently, in 2014 TIME magazine named Makati City in the Philippines the “selfiest city in the world” producing the highest amount of selfies per capita.

And Of Course…
Filipinos are badass overachievers, hence my list of eight facts when you asked for five.


Russ’ Top App Recommendations to Lose Hours of Your Life

Snapchat Filters
This will entertain me (and my kids) for hours. Especially fun to send to grandma who might not grasp the concept of augmented reality yet.

Snapchat filter on baby; Design Pickle Graphic Design

Grandma, I have something to tell you…Our baby is Bambi.

Product Hunt
Lose yourself in the latest in products and software launches.

Product Hunt app; Design Pickle Graphic Design

Good luck finding your way out of this digital quicksand.

Apple Watch
Because everyone needs another screen to check their Instagram feed.

Man checking his Apple watch; Design Pickle Graphic Design

So glad I have this apple watch, I hate when I leave my phone in the car.

Instagram Stories
Move over Snapchat, there’s a better way to see MS Paint art on top of recent photos from the last 24 hours of people I don’t really talk to.

Adult in a ball pit; Design Pickle Graphic Design

Sooo, I know we haven’t talked since kindergarten…Looks like not much has changed though. Carry on.

Mevo Camera
If Facebook Live couldn’t get any more nerdy/awkward, we leveled up with a camera that captures EVERYTHING and has a sole purpose to stream randomness.

Mark Zuckerberg on stage; Design Pickle Graphic Design

Another tech thing we don’t need, but have to have, from Zuck and the crew.