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How to Write a Good Request

The more complete your request, the more your designer can nail it in the first round!┬áHere’s a handy guide for...
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How Do I Make A Revision?

One of two ways: 1.Simply reply to our latest email with any edits, feedback or revision details you may have...
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How Do I Get My Files?

We will deliver your files in a shared link where you can preview and download the formats you need....
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Using JAR

JAR is our cleverly named application we use to manage your account. You can log-in at anytime using the information...
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When things go sideways…

Let’s be real. Creativity is an unwieldy beast and sometimes things can go sideways. We are all human so here’s...
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Example Request: Blog Post Image

Details of request: Image needed for blog post called: 5 Steps to Becoming an Expert Content Creator (According to Google’s...
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Example Request: Pole Banner

Pole Banner Details of request: I’d like you to design a pole banner for internal use in our shop. I...
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Example Request: Brochure

Balance Physio – DL Brochure   Hi Guys   Please find the details below regarding the Balance Physio – DL...
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Example Request: Job Posting

We’re hiring a Community Assistant!   Details of request: The Park at 1824 is hiring a Community Assistant to work...
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What about bleed?

I hope you mean in relation to print. If you are really bleeding, get a bandage, or see a Doctor....
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