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10 Easy Ways to Use Instagram in HR

10 Easy Ways to Use Instagram in HR

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Instagram isn’t just for hipster brands and cool kids – although there’s a lot of those out there! With the acquisition by Facebook in 2012 for $1 Billion dollars – the smartest minds in social media made a big statement that visual content is king. 

Are you using it for your business? If you are like most the answer is sadly no. But fear not. The tool is easy to learn and powerful when used in a focused and strategic manner. At Design Pickle we are obsessed with how we can be more creative every day. Below are 10 of our best ideas on how HR can leverage this great tool both for their company culture and overall HR / recruitment.

Company Culture 

  1. Bring back employee of the month – Feature one employee or vendor each month that has made a big difference.
  2. Similarly, client of the month – Highlight a great client and help promote their business.
  3. Modern day show-and-tell – An employee gets to bring 5 tangible objects in and for a week you feature those items and what they mean to the specific person.
  4. Company lore – Does your company have a unique story to tell about how it was founded or created? Tell it in multiple parts around your business anniversary. Get creative and engage employees to help out. Think of it as a live action comic strip.
  5. Ride the viral wave – Whether it’s the ALS Dry Ice Block Challenge (not recommended) or Soulja Boy makes an epic viral dance comeback, get in on it fast and share for the world to see.
  6. Game day pride – Highlight the favorite sports teams of your staff throughout different seasons.  Make sure to tag that brand in your post for extra credit! Try and find the most obscure sport or team within your company. 


HR / Recruitment 

  1. Feature unique company perks – Have a beer cart? Flexible work schedules? Whatever your unique company perks are have them featured on Instagram and use it in your employment recruitment process.
  2. Highlight the details of a job/role – Spend a week breaking down a specific role you’re hiring for. Where will they sit? Who will they work with? What types of things will they be doing on a day to day?
  3. Message from the CEO – Get your top dog on camera welcoming new employees and staff. Make them feel warm and fuzzy.
  4. World’s worst jobs – Feature terrible, crazy or really really hard jobs from around the world. It will make your open position seem like a vacation!


No matter how you use Instagram, the main point is this: USE IT! Simply sitting on the sidelines provides no value, and with hundreds of millions of people using it every month you’d be missing out on a crazy huge market of potential employees, clients and fans.